BMC type plastic
BMC type plastic
Detailed description:

Dough molding compound (BMC) is a kind of thermosetting plastics, mixed with inert fillers, fiber reinforced materials, catalyst, stabilizer, pigment, forming for compression molding or injection molding adhesive putty like composite. 12.5mm (BMC) is highly filled and reinforced by short fibers, and glass fiber reinforced material is 10% to 30%, and the length is usually between 1/32 and 1/2. According to different application fields, the composite materials can be accurately controlled, with good flame retardant and anti electric mark. It has high dielectric strength, corrosion resistance and pollution resistance, mechanical properties, low shrinkage and color stability. The flow characteristics and the insulation and flame retardant of the plastic (BMC) are excellent, which is suitable for the application in detail and size. The color of the material is varied, which allows powder coating and water spraying.
1, excellent electrical insulation, resistance to arc and leakage resistance.
2, excellent mechanical strength, flame retardant and heat resistance.
3, excellent molding process, molding pressure, molding time is short.
4, very good coloring, can be required to make a variety of color BMC

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